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At a Glance

  • Email archiving software solution

  • For most email systems

  • Easy to install

  • Over 25,000 corporate customers

  • Made in Germany


Target Group

  • For all SMEs

  • For 5 to 500 users

  • Key contact persons are often IT administrators

  • More installations per customer are generally required when there are over 500 users (without increasing the cost)


Overall Concept

  • MailStore Server stores perfect copies of all existing or future incoming and outgoing emails in a secure, central archive

  • For example, users can access the archive by means of a seamless integration in Outlook and search through it very quickly


Purchasing Discounts

  • We offer a discount of 50 percent to first-time customers of MailStore Server if they purchase and install it to replace a competitor’s solution

  • Discounts for non-profit organizations, educational and public institutions


Supported Email Systems

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • All IMAP or POP3-compatible email servers

  • MDaemon, IceWarp, Kerio

  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook

  • PST and other email files


Supported Archiving Methods

  • All email when it is received or sent

  • Existing mailboxes, public folders, and shared mailboxes


System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 or higher (for MailStore Server 8)

  • Windows Vista SP2/Server 2008 or higher (for MailStore Server

Protection against Data Loss

  • Import all existing email and archive every email right when it is received or sent (before users can delete messages)


Reduce the Workload of Email Servers

  • Once emails have been archived, they can be deleted from the email server following a rule-based process

  • By reducing the volume of data on the email server, it can be backed up and restored significantly faster


Eliminate Mailbox Quotas

  • The volume of data on the email server is always kept low, eliminating mailbox quotas


Save Storage Space

  • With single-instance storage (deduplication) and compression, the data only occupies 30 to 70% of the available storage space in the archive


Simplify Recovery of Lost Emails

  • Thanks to one-click restore for all users, the IT department is no longer required to handle the time-consuming task of restoring emails from backups (if they still contain the relevant emails)


Availability in the Event of a Failure

  • If the email server goes down, the data is still available in the archive


Extremely Fast Search

  • MailStore features an extremely fast full-text search (and also searches any file attachments)

  • Folder structures are imported to the archive

  • Users can access the archive by means of a seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook, Web Access, or a mobile application


Elimination of PST Files

  • All unreliable PST files can be stored centrally


Fulfill Legal Requirements

  • MailStore Server helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation

  • MailStore Server is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints

The Ideal SME Solution

  • All of the components you need are integrated right from the setup

  • MailStore Server features an integrated and highly sophisticated storage technology (no SQL server is required, even for up to several hundred users)

  • MailStore Server can be installed and running within a very short time

  • Low one-off purchase price


Why Can Customers Rely on MailStore?

  • Strong market presence: Over 25,000 customers

  • High level of product maturity: Currently in Version 9

  • MailStore is specialized in email archiving

  • MailStore offers excellent support


Advantages for Customers
Why MailStore?
Customer Concerns and Answers

“We are too small for it.”

  • Data loss can have just as strong an impact on small businesses

  • Users in small companies also benefit from the fast search feature


“We already make backups.”

  • Email archiving and backups are not the same thing and are both needed within a company

  • Backups do not provide any of the advantages mentioned above

  • Backups never include all emails (if an email is deleted, it is no longer contained in the backup after a few cycles)

  • It is very time consuming to restore individual emails from backups

  • Backups cannot be searched

  • Legal requirements are not fulfilled by a backup


“We don’t have the budget.”

  • The purchase of MailStore Server pays for itself very quickly by reducing storage costs and the workload of the IT department

  • Without MailStore, the financial risks of data loss or legal conflicts are extremely high

  • The solution is very inexpensive compared to many competitors’ solutions


“Archiving is already built into the email

  • It is extremely expensive to use these features, for example, in Microsoft Exchange

  • Emails remain on the email server, which increases the load on the server rather than reducing it

  • Integrated features are generally only basic solutions and are inadequate from a legal perspective

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